My favorite artists on Tumblr

I’ve been on Tumblr for a while now and so I thought I’d share some artists on Tumblr that consistently impress and inspire me. This list became way longer than I intended so I’m only going to use five words to describe each artist.

See my big old list below…

Donald Dixon - All-American baseball knight savant

Jack Sachs - cool lines strange wonderful experiments

Tyler Landry - Bold rich gritty ink master

Jon Boam - Super shapes line wonderland perfect

Sarah Ferrick - Pure magic lush human genius 

Hayato Kezuka - cute drawing magical nature creatures

Elliot Freeman - bold shapes textures simplicity colors 

Benjamin Sea - buttery ink paint comics details 

Vincent Giard - lovely distortion style strong comics

Ghosttthead - cool scratchy ink hand lettering 

Niv Bavarsky - blobs lines colors rhythmic beauty

Renart - beauty lines colors comics style

Edward Cheverton - shapes jazz charming characters comics

Roman Muradov - ink master smart visual ecstasy

Britt Wilson - hand lettering lovely lines comics

James Lloyd - cool organic lines posters design  

Mike Laughead - sketch king lovely characters compositions

Nick Alston - wonderfully naive characters cool drawing

Nick Sheehy - pencil lord hatching prince beauty

Ian Turner - Canadian handmade detail nature rad

Mike Driver - simple shapes great colors tasty

Joan Casaramona - sophisticated cool colors shapes perfect

Wai Wai Pang - inventive ingenious lovely organic experiments 

Cam Floyd - great painting color composition wonder

John Malta - cool figures choices ideas textures

Dadu Shin - pleasing sketchy colors smart touch

Julianna Brion - cool fun style lovely ideas

Ji Hyun - charming colloquial fun drawing colors

Jesse Balmer - ink god wonderful style characters

Thomas Wellmann - wiggly awesome lines magical characters

Sophie Franz - comics lush paintings ink treats

Ed J. Brown - colors lines textures cool wizard

Antoine Marchalot - run don’t walk go now

Pierre Ferrero - great comics lines flat perfection

Cynthia Lim - simple lines shapes pleasing pups 

Liam Barrett - pencil naive lovely colors strong

Nadine Redlich - super funny cool character drawings

Chris Harnan - king of naivete ingenious lines

Guy Parkhomenko - wonderful painting skill luscious illustration

Quentin Duckit - visual MVP go look now

Jangojim - Hip Belgian eye treats satisfying

Jack Teagle - awesome paints shirts figures renaissance 

Patrick Kyle - constant outpouring of perfect style

There are many more artists I’m probably forgetting, but I should probably stop before this list becomes too unwieldy. I hope I helped someone discover a few new loves. 


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